Deborah Ghisolfi - Visual Thinking for Agile Marketers


What is Visual Thinking? What are its potentials?

You will use visual techniques and methodologies to engage, improve performance, save time, decrease errors.
Use Visual Thinking in a team to share a project outcomes, explain complex processes, evaluate performance, develop collective creativity, accelerate decision making.
The management of Agile Marketing activities is completed and strengthened by visual techniques capable of presenting, visualizing, explaining, stimulating creativity or making decisions more effectively, both individually and at group level.
Whether you have to manage Marketing activities independently or that you have to lead a work group, the workshop allows you to acquire tools and methodologies that can be immediately used that can quickly improve business efficiency and productivity.

I'll use mind mapping technique to create the buyer personas and focus on customer needs. I'll create a scenario where people will understand how to focus on outcomes and not output to create a marketing campaign.