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  • Lisbon hosts national conference of Agile practices

    It is not a methodology, nor a technology, process, system or platform. They are not daily meetings or an organizational structure. It is not something that can be written and created an operating manual. “Agile arises because a group of software developers came to the conclusion that they could deliver full quality, bug-free software if...

  • Have Agile or Be Agile: How much is this difference worth?

    The need expressed by a desire – customer satisfaction – quickly evolved into a philosophy where employees and customers became more than products, processes and procedures. The Agile Manifesto, already 20 years old, has profoundly marked the business world. It emerged as a solution to a technical problem that plagued IT professionals, highlighting multiple customer...

  • Recognizing Excellence In Agility: The World Agility Forum

    “Is it possible to identify excellence in organizational agility?… Yet it can be hard to identify genuine Agility in a world where surveys by Deloitte and McKinsey show that while more than 90% of senior executives give high priority to becoming agile, less than 10% see their firm as currently highly agile. Many firms claim to be Agile but...

  • Taking to the next step

    Taking to the next step is the leitmotif for this year conference of Experience Agile. We started five years ago with a small step, fell frequently, learned from the previous events, but with the determination that we could make a differentiation, we are here today taking you to the next step. In the Agile world,...


Some videos from our previous events.