Marina Alex - SWAY in practice: SWAY cases in business (marketing, sales, etc) SWAY Canvas: Value-based approach to sales management Traditional and agile sales: key differences Case-study analysis. Mistakes and difficulties


Working with SWAY Canvas (participants will define the value proposition, market strategy, opportunities and sales innovations). At each table, I will provide a printed SWAY Canvas, post-it notes, and sharpies. Each table will be asked to self-organize and select one project to focus on. Over 30-minutes, they will work as a team to understand and document an agile sales backlog on the canvas.

This includes:

  • Key Objectives
  • Strategic Clients
  • Value Proposition
  • Strategic Products
  • Market Strategy
  • Team capability
  • Promotions and Budget
  • Opportunities (Growth, Upsell, Innovation) - share insights and questions

While the context of this workshop is on the role of sales, it is targeted to an agile audience. The main idea is that, in an agile company, all departments should be agile and think about the customer. The tools and ideas shared in this workshop will open their minds to what is possible when you are truly customer-centric (whether they are internal or external customers).