Mikro Kleiner - No more lipstick on the pig - Agile Contracting done RIGHT!


Everything has become agile, everything?-No, there is this one last domain that has got forgotten - procurement!-Learn why Lean Startup and the Business Model Canvas aren't enough and how Lean-Agile Procurement and the Lean Procurement Canvas could improve your Sourcing, Sales and Setup of an agile team in general. Have we mentioned that everybody can improve the lead time form idea to a co-create an agile contract in days, sometimes in hours?-If you wanna know more about the pig with lipstick and why e.g. Gazprom, Barclays, Airfrance KLM and many more prefer something better.

Learning Objectives:

  • participants get a flavor of agile sourcing
  • participants know the key steps of Lean-agile Procurement
  • participants know different types of agile contracts