Chris Lucian - Applying Chaos Engineering to collaborative teams

Chris Lucian

In the technical side of software development we have begun to implement chaos engineering to our production systems. We want to prove that if something bad happens like a hard drive failure we are resilient to the disruption caused. We have similar systems on our teams for producing software however as an industry we rarely talk about making these human systems more resilient. When you have that lead developer who knows the code base more than anyone on the team and they leave to go to another company will your team be resilient to this change or will it become extremely expensive to recover? Applying Chaos Engineering to your teams will prove that information is shared, psychological safety exists, and collaboration is flowing.

In this workshop we will create, solve, and chaos engineer many of these team based problems, demonstrating these tools in action.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build an Experiment: Identify risks related to team dynamics and steady state behavior.
  • Vary Real-world Events: Identify chaos experiment variables related to humans
  • Run experiments in real life: We can verify our teams are resilient by running experiments
  • Run continuously: Creating processes to make these experiment continuous for regularly proving resilience of the team.