Over the last several years, industry leaders from around the world have been traveling to Lisbon, Portugal to share the latest revolutionary advancements in the Agile space. The second wave of Agile is expanding into new applications from Agile Marketing to Scrum in Hardware and Personal Agility. As Business Agility continues to become a growing theme in the industry, we recognize that in order to maintain relevance, businesses and industry leaders need to adapt. We need to continue to push the bounds from the traditional uses of Agile and pioneer into new areas and applications to continue to foster higher performance and increased value delivery across the organization.

This movement began with a local community in Lisbon Portugal led by Hugo Lourenco bringing together some of the top Agile thought leaders with the most innovative applications of Agile to share to increase awareness of Agile practices in the Portuguese market. Industry leaders took notice. It quickly became apparent that the quality of the presentation content, the inventiveness of the concepts, and the ideas being shared were of too much value to keep within a smaller community.

After 3 years of successful events referred to as Scrum Day Portugal, the core team decided it was time to expand further with a global reach. The re-branding of this yearly event to eXperience Agile is more than just a different name. The format will continue to bring the latest cutting edge practices, however the eXperience Agile event in 2018 will bring the World Agility Forum to the market, where leading Agile companies will have an opportunity to showcase their incredible discoveries, applications, and results that are being achieved by Agilists and Organizations around the world.