James W. Grenning - Your First TDD


You've heard about TDD but don't quite get it. The best way to get it is to try it by pairing with an experienced TDD practitioner . In this workshop you will get a brief overview and demo of TDD, but way more. We will all practice TDD in a language of your choosing. Bring a laptop or a tablet with a keyboard so you can access my custom cyber-dojo.org server and begin doing TDD. I'll create an experience for you and your partner pairing with me. You will know what TDD is after this session.

The first 30 minutes contains a short intro and demo of TDD and the exercise environment. The attendees open a browser window in my custom cyber-dojo server and start test-driving. We'll spend 45 minutes on their first TDD experience, virtually pairing with me (I write commented out tests and attendees enable tests one at a time, as if I wrote the test and passed them the keyboard.)