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Jan Schilt

Born in 1960 in the Netherlands.

Jan Schilt started his professional career in 1986 as a Service Centre employee. After a few years working in several ICT jobs he became ICT Manager at Knorr (Currently Unilever). In 1998 he became Management Trainer for ISES International and became responsible for ITSM training programs.

In 2001 he graduated on the Twente University as Master in Human Resource Development

In 2001 he started his company called Learning Works. He became expert in Learning Based Consultancy and wrote his first book about ‘Process Improvement in IT Service Management’. With this book, he won the itSMF innovation Award 2001. In the next year, he became ‘The Best Master’ at the itSMF conference.

In 2003 he started together with Paul Wilkinson the company called GamingWorks and developed the Business Simulations: ‘Apollo 13 – an ITSM case experience™’, the Project Management Business Simulation ‘The Challenge of Egypt™’ and the Business Process Management Simulation ‘The Greatest Move™. He also developed the Business IT Alignment game ‘Grab@Pizza’ and the Information Risk Management simulation called ‘Oceans99’. He also developed ‘the Phoenix Project’ about DevOps, based on the bestseller by Gene Kim.

The latest simulation he developed was the Agile Service Management simulation ‘MarsLander’. How to move from ITIL® into a more Agile and Lean service organization.

GamingWorks has become one of the leading Serious Business Simulation companies in the World. GamingWorks has over 350 International Partners in more then 40 countries.  GamingWorks has more than 600 trainers all over the world. Every day somewhere in the world 3 of GamingWorks simulations are played.

Jan delivered over 300 business simulation all over the world. On board level and on senior management levels. This way he became an expert in many best and worst practices of the current frameworks and subjects. He also trained over 300 new trainers during TtT-programs.

Together with Paul Wilkinson he also developed the popular ABC of ICT™ card deck and both wrote a book about Attitude, Behavior and Culture in ICT. Jan is a well-respected speaker on many international conferences.