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Howard Sublett

Howard Sublett is the champion of the SolutionsIQ culture. As the Director of Community Development, he is the “frontman” for SolutionsIQ in the agile space—he can regularly be found out in field networking at industry events or interviewing subjects for our Agile Amped podcast. Internally, Howard is the advocate for the individual and dedicates himself to nurturing our communities to ensure we are happy, fulfilled and working together as a team.

Howard is a self-described “connector” that has long been an integral member of the agile space. Prior to joining SolutionsIQ as a part of the BigVisible acquisition, he grew Scrum Alliance as their Operations Director for many years and ran the training program as principal coach at BigVisible. A man of varied interests, Howard has never had just one job—he’s led and chartered spearfishing and scuba diving trips for more than 12 years and has owned a real estate appraisal business for 31 years.

Hailing from Hot Springs, Arkansas, Howard is a hometown man that loves spending his free time in nature and with his family. Always looking to make an impact and help others, he also serves on a board of directors for Jackson House, a crisis counseling and crisis intervention center.

Howard has been announced recently as a New Board Member for Scrum Alliance.