Chris Daniel - How to build a real strategy for your organization


A typical corporate strategy document is usually quite challenging to digest. When somebody asks you to review it, you typically respond with 'It looks ok!', because, like, is there something else you could say?

There is not. The open secret is that those documents usually cannot be acted upon. They bear no meaning.

But there is an alternative. There is a simple framework that allows you to understand your position, anticipate future developments and prepare for what is coming. However, it does not make your life easier. Building a strategy is not a simple task, and the framework, Wardley Mapping, barely exposes that complexity and actually enables meaningful conversations.

During this workshop, you will learn how to visualise your environment, you will understand how money flows through businesses and why uncertainty is your most significant friend and enemy at the same time. You will learn how to find places for improvement and how to translate ideas into real, actionable strategy.

In the end, if only you bring your business or product challenge to solve, we will attempt to develop a sound plan for solving it!

Learning objectives:

  • understand what a good strategy is
  • understand what is situational awareness and learn how to build it
  • learn how to deal with uncertainty
  • learn how to convince "business people" to embrace a learning organisation
  • build a strategy for YOUR organisation
  • get familiar with Wardley Mapping