Maria Matarelli - Empower Organization Alignment through Personal Agility

Discover how to tap into motivation, create alignment in your organization, and explore what really matters by leveraging Relationship Awareness Theory and the Personal Agility System. Learn how Motivational Value Systems can enhance communication and how to use the Stakeholder Canvas to create alignment in your organization. In this workshop, you will learn specific techniques that you can apply in your work environment to build a culture of communication and empowerment.
Outline of the Workshop:
Opening (5 min)
Overview (5 min)
Motivational Value Systems (15 min)
- Overview of MVS and 4 Premises of Relationship Awareness Theory
- Relationship Awareness Theory - Lenses
- Overdone Strengths
- Better understand each other = better communication
- Think and write + discussion
- Review which MVS you feel most aligned with
- Think of 3 people that you know (someone you work with or someone you know outside of work) and which MVS do you think they are? Do they differ from yours?
- Think of a situation where you could apply MVS for better communication
Personal Agility Stakeholder Canvas (15 min)
- Overview of the Stakeholder Canvas
- Participants interview each other using the canvas - practice with it
- Alternatively, Maria will go through examples
What Really Matters (15 min)
- Explore the concept of What Really Matters at the organization level
- Explore the concept of What Really Matters at the individual level
- Impact on Culture - connecting people
- Discussion - How could you see this impacting your culture
Closing (5 min)
Q&A (30 min)