Ken Pugh - Effectively Communicating with Behavior-Driven Acceptance Tests

Ken Pugh

Defining, understanding, and agreeing on the scope of work to be done is often an area of discomfort for product managers, developers and quality assurance experts alike. Many of the items living happily in our defect tracking systems were born of the difficulty we have in performing said activities. Behavior Driven Acceptance Testing roots out these defects by reexamining the process we use to define the work to be done and how it is tested.
This session introduces behavior driven acceptance testing; explain why it works; and outline the different roles the team members play in the process. We will contrast acceptance testing with unit testing and show examples of how the process clarifies the work to be done.

Learning Objectives:

  • Principles of Acceptance Test-Driven Development / Behavior-Driven Development
  • How to use acceptance tests as a communication vehicle
  • How ATDD embodies Build Quality In and Shift Left