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Deborah Preuss

Deborah Preuss helps people who create change to have more joy and more impact, by bringing their strengths to a bigger game through one-on-one effectiveness coaching. Deborah also teaches important influencer skills: coaching, leadership and facilitation. In the past, Deborah has been a software developer, a business analyst, an artist, a ScrumMaster and an Agile coach, but since 2003 she’s had a different focus.

While serving as an Agile Coach and Trainer in Canada, the US and Europe, in tiny firms and multi-nationals, Deborah has sought to improve her leadership with the skillset of professional coaching, in response to important needs she saw among her clients that were unaddressed by the Agile Software methods she brought. As Deborah developed these new skills, she discovered how focused one-on-one coaching can make a big difference in the effectiveness and happiness of organisational change agents, and the rest is history!