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Recognitions of 2018 World Agility Announced

The 2018 world agility recognitions have been announced by the World Agility Forum. Next to regional recognitions for companies in Europe, Africa, and America, there are also recognitions for creativity agility, agile in defense, team agility, personal agility, and lifetime agility. The purpose of the World Agility Forum (WAF) is to recognize organizations and individuals…

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Sterling Bank Plc recognized @ World Agility Forum 2018

Sterling Bank Plc from was recognized at the World Agility Forum 2018. The recognition is given to organisations who through exemplary applications of agile processes have become game changers in their respective industries. The World Agility Forum is a global programme which recognizes individuals and organisations for their efforts and commitment towards achieving agility through…

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“Scrum The Toyota Way” by Ben Linders @ InfoQ

Nigel Thurlow, chief of Agile at Toyota Connected, talked about “Scrum The Toyota Way” at eXperience Agile 2018 InfoQ interviewed Thurlow about how the DNA of Toyota connects to Scrum and agile, the challenges that Toyota Connected is dealing with, how they apply agile and what they have learned, the role of the product owner, how…

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