Lisa Crispin / Areti Panou - A Holistic Approach to Testing in Continuous Delivery


Deploying small changes to production, frequently, at a sustainable pace, is a great way to mitigate risks associated with software delivery. Yet many teams struggle to feel confident to move to continuous delivery. If a team is struggling to deploy, or at least have a production-ready release candidate, every one or two weeks, how can they hope to deploy daily or multiple times per day? They can’t see how to fit human-centric testing activities such as exploratory testing in with such frequent deploys to production.

This session will introduce techniques that teams can use to get the whole team engaged with doing testing activities in ways that enable continuous delivery and deployment. Participants will be able to lead their own teams in using visualizations and frameworks to help them shorten feedback loops, automate regression tests as appropriate, and ensure that all testing activities including manual ones are done to ensure customer happiness.

Learning takeaways:

  • Build a quality-focused DevOps culture with a whole team approach
  • Terminology to help you communicate with team members engaged in DevOps activities
  • Visualize your deployment pipeline to shorten feedback loops and ensure all testing activities are completed for stress-free releases
  • Use Test Suite Canvas for reliable, maintainable, effective automated test suites in your continuous integration