Agile is an approach that is being used by companies around the world to get to increase speed to market, improve quality, and do more work in less time while providing more value to customers. eXperience Agile is a revolutionary event that brings together thought leaders from around the world to share industry best practices and strategies that can be applied across a variety of industries. While Agile has historically been known to work well in the software development space, Agile is now being applied outside of IT in many applications including hardware, infrastructure, marketing, HR, finance, and even outside of work as Personal Agility to help you do more of what matters in your life. Over the last several years, Hugo Lourenco has brought together speakers and attendees from around the world to talk more about how to effectively use the most commonly used Agile framework: Scrum while hosting the annual Scrum Day Portugal event. As the success of Scrum Day Portugal began to grow outside the original focus, Hugo decided to expand the event beyond the geographic region of Portugal and the annual event has been re-branded to eXperience Agile, which will be hosted in Lisbon, Portugal.