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Nigel Thurlow

Evangelist | Improvement Leader | Coach

Nigel Thurlow, Chief of Agile at Toyota Connected, is a Lean Evangelist, Continuous Improvement Leader, Quality Advocate, Agile & Scrum Coach, and a member of The Machine That Changed the World. Considered by many as an expert in Lean implementation and process improvement, gained from his early Toyota background, he evangelizes quality improvement and waste reduction through the implementation of systems thinking, agile practices, and the Scrum framework.

Nigel led the successful Scrum transformation at 3M Healthcare Information Systems, and has taught and coached in notable companies such as GE, Bose, 3M, Microsoft, MIT and Toyota.

In 2017 following 2 1/2 years training and certifying over 2000 people as a Certifying Scrum Trainer at Scrum Inc, Nigel has moved back to his roots and re-joined Toyota as the Chief of Agile with Toyota Connected, the Toyota company building the future of connected vehicle technologies.

Nigel is now leveraging the power of TPS and The Toyota Way to enhance and develop Agility in Lean.