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Hugo Lourence

Hugo Lourenco

Founder | Advisor

Hugo Lourenço is the founder of eXperience Agile, Scrumday Portugal® and Agile21®, DevOps and Enterprise Agility Advisor of IDC Portugal. It’s main focus is to understand how companies are dealing with digital transformation and collaborate as an advisor by applying an revise governance and emerging practices to evolve the operational model as well as the approach to addressing the market to gain competitive advantage through an organisational evolution. The experience of working closely with the leaders of many of the brands that have already started this “Enterprise Agility”process outside Portugal, has made it clear that the company’s “unpredictable future” should seek to rationalise the portfolio of legacy products, create high-performance teams, who understand why their work and their impact on the new operating model, psychological safety, emergent leadership and new business models emerging through sustainable processes that bring product and service innovation with commitment from suppliers, employees and customers.