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Chema Guallar

Chema initiated IT journey in University period by 1982 part-time lab trainer in Computing laboratory; in IBM by March 1986 to launch PC (Personal computer) product line as support lead and technician, some years later joined EDS by 1989 March as Systems Engineere at Automated Warehouse (logistics and supply chain group).

HP, HPE and lately DXC different roles in design, analisys and Project management stages achieving technical lead –recognized SME- at EDS Logistics organization and later, as HP, in Growth team.

Career crossed several business and solutions broading the view about IT, processes, different sectors and technologies obtaining several certifications in each age (HP-UX, DOS, ORACLE-DBA, Sun, VMS) and PM, Agile, SMADM, SSADM, ITIL, MSCE.

Since 2014 Chema works as Consultant for Application Modernization and Transformation projects –dealing with Solutioning, Proposals, sales, etc.

Last projects involves Agile, DevOps and Transformation methodologies Mentorship for different Delivery Groups.