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IV evento sobre Gestão de Projetos no Setor Público

A Conferência ‘Agilidade e Gestão de Projetos no Setor Público’ realiza-se no próximo dia 2 de outubro, pelas 14h30, no Forte de S. Julião da Barra. Desde 2015 que a eSPap, a Secretaria-Geral do Ministério da Defesa Nacional e a Marinha têm organizado o evento anual sobre gestão de projetos, cujo objetivo principal é comunicar…

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“Think in Products, Not Projects” by Ben Linders @ InfoQ

Organizations structured around products oversee their work end-to-end. Reversing Conway’s law to establish long-lived teams around the products brings stability and makes it easier to manage and prioritize work. Retrospectives are a powerful tool for product management; they give you the confidence to continue and help you pivote quickly on what might become high risk or…

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eXperience Agile cooperate with International Sketchnote Camp!

The International Sketchnote Camp is a gathering of enthusiastic people about visual notes, visual communication, graphic recording and everything about it. The theme of this event is “The Future of Visualization”. It is organized in three Journeys: Education, Business and Sketchnote Tech. The event has more than 50 sessions, in a mix of scheduled sessions…

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What is the eXperience Agile Conference?

Agile is an approach that is being used by companies around the world to get to increase speed to market, improve quality, and do more work in less time while providing more value to customers. eXperience Agile is a revolutionary event that brings together thought leaders from around the world to share industry best practices…

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Why should I participate in this conference?

Discover the latest cutting edge Agile practices by top industry leaders from around the world. eXperience Agile is more than just another Agile conference. This is an event that will bring the most revolutionary applications of Agile being used today. You will have an opportunity to hear the latest in Agile application by other practitioners…

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The History of eXperience Agile

Scrum Day Experience Agile 2017

Over the last several years, industry leaders from around the world have been traveling to Lisbon, Portugal to share the latest revolutionary advancements in the Agile space. The second wave of Agile is expanding into new applications from Agile Marketing to Scrum in Hardware and Personal Agility. As Business Agility continues to become a growing…

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