Taking to the next step is the leitmotif for this year conference of Experience Agile. We started five years ago with a small step, fell frequently, learned from the previous events, but with the determination that we could make a differentiation, we are here today taking you to the next step. In the Agile world, determination and confidence to continue are fundamental issues in achieving the goals we set to ourselves and others, because giving up is not the nature of people and companies who identify with us.

Even when we cannot take significant steps or the option is almost being stopped, even so, change is possible either by strengthening the network that supports our decisions, or in the small steps to streamline and facilitate the relationship between people within our company.
Being Agile is above all being resilient and believe that we can build a better relationship between people by making use non-technical skills like the human factors, psychologic safety or teaming to have a better environment in our daily work and being more productive with the technical skills like XP, Scrum, DevOps or Kanban.

Taking to the next step is our contribution to give you a real example of what it means
to be Agile in the unstable, uncertain and complex world that surrounds us and the reason to innovate each year with new keynoters and new companies that have stand out every year.

But keynoters are not the only reason for you join us. Last year we had attendees from around the globe, who participated in the conference and in important workshops to spread Agile Mindset. This year we are going to have an University where you can ask questions and give answers to solve problem we may have.
We want to make this conference a living example of what is being agile every day and for one day make Lisbon the worldwide capital of Agile.

Take the step forward and join us to share this unique moment of our lives, listening, taking notes, sharing and learning with some of the most important diffusers of agile ideas and simultaneously identifies your peers worldwide seeking Agile solutions to every day’s problems.

Let´s Take The Next Step and discover the charms of our world at experienceagile.org and worldagilityforum.com

Thank you,
Chairman and founder
Hugo Lourenço