The International Sketchnote Camp is a gathering of enthusiastic people about visual notes, visual communication, graphic recording and everything about it.

The theme of this event is “The Future of Visualization”. It is organized in three Journeys: Education, Business and Sketchnote Tech.

The event has more than 50 sessions, in a mix of scheduled sessions and bar camp format.

Here are some of the speakers:

  • Mike Rohde, keynote speaker;
  • Lorraine Kasyan, Make learning stick (educators who sketchnote);
  • Makayla Lewis, Live sketchnote-a-long;
  • Mauro Toselli, The xLontrax Theory of Sketchnote;
  • Andrea Brücken, How to Use Visuals in Storytelling;
  • Rob Dimeo, How sketchnotes made work (just a little bit more like play).


NOTE: You can find more information about the event at
You can contact the organization team by Twitter: @LuisGonzagacom and @UpSideUp_PT.